Protects your little one during the most crucial years. Strategic padding placement for the soft spots and the back of the head.


Soft, non-bulky & flexible. Weighs less than 100g. Superior ventilation features, retains limited body heat.


Gives babies the confidence they need and gives you and your baby the freedom deserved. 


A patented and award-winning soft protective headgear designed for toddlers learning to walk to help protect them from bumps, bruises and falls from their own height when they are unsteady on their feet. Now instead of constantly having to cruise behind unsteady walkers, SafeheadBABY gives parents the peace of mind and babies the freedom they need. This smart parenting move eliminates the need for caging your unsteady toddler in a play pen or a crib all day thus allowing them to learn independently but not necessarily hurting their head while doing so.

  • Impact and shock absorbing
  • Good air flow and ventilation
  • No pressure on growing head and developing neck muscles
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Baby Head Matters

A learning to walk toddler falls 17 times per hour on average.
Children don’t need expensive toys to develop their brain power, they need freedom and new experiences.
It takes most babies about 1,000 hours of practice from the time they pull themselves upright to the time they can walk alone
Babies' skulls are naturally soft to allow their brains to grow.
A learning to walk baby averages 2,368 steps before becoming a professional.
There is a 25% chance of a serious brain injury from a fall of just 3 feet.
Early childhood falls might be the reason for emotional, behavioral and cognitive problems as kids grow and attempt to learn.
Babies who are given freedom to move and develop in their own way gain a self-knowledge that keeps them safer
A brain injury actually has a more devastating impact on a child than an injury of the same severity has on a mature adult.