Frequently Asked Questions


What is the SafeheadBABY headgear made of?
How heavy is the SafeheadBABY headgear?
What makes SafeheadBABY different from other baby safety headgears?
Why is SafeheadBABY important in the first 2 years?
What safety standards does SafeheadBABY meets?
Can the SafeheadBABY headgear be used as a cycle helmet?
Can SafeheadBABY be used inside the house as well as outside?
Does my Baby who is learning to walk really need to wear a protective headgear?
At what age can I start using the SafeheadBABY headgear on my infant?
How will I know if the headgear will fit my baby’s head?
How do I put SafeheadBABY properly on my infant’s head?
How do I get my baby who hates anything on her head to start wearing SafeheadBABY?
What did parents do when there was no such headgear for babies?
Can I use SafeheadBABY after my baby turns 2 or for my next baby?
Do you think using a protective headgear for babies is being “over cautious”?
When is the best time to use the SafeheadBABY headgear?
What do I do when my toddler has a fall?
Why do babies fall repeatedly?
How can I prevent a head injury the best way that I can?