Letter from the Founder

From the moment we begin preparing a room for our new baby, we are making choices about our child’s environment. As parents we do everything we can to try to keep our baby comfortable and safe.

It’s a thrill for us parents to witness each of our baby’s milestone, whether it be their first smile, rolling over or taking their first step. First steps represent a huge developmental leap and children quickly become active learners who are constantly observing, making predictions about how things work and then testing these ideas. Unfortunately, the child’s perception of risk is practically nonexistent.

As a mother, I understand that we cannot prevent every bump or bruise our baby will sustain during this learning phase. However, if falling and bumping their head was guaranteed only to result in a small hurting and nothing more significant, then I was ready to consider it as a part of growing up. But if there was a chance that this fall could result in a head or brain injury that may possibly have long term consequences, I felt the need to do something about it. The truth is that even in a home that has been baby-proofed with cushioning around sharp corners and edges, babies seem to inadvertently head for those surfaces that are unprotected. 

SafeheadBABY was created to give little ones the confidence they need and the freedom they deserve to explore their newly discovered surroundings without parents having the fear of them injuring their head.

SafeheadBABY - ‘Freedom for Babies, Parents at Ease’

  • Yours,
  • Candida Jennifer
  • Founder of SafeheadBABY® and Mother of Three