Nursery Online - August 2015

15th August 2015

SafeheadBABY now available to all UK Moms and Dads

Now instead of ecstatically having to cruise behind unsteady toddlers, SafeheadBABY gives parents the peace of mind and babies the freedom they need.

This smart parenting move eliminates the need for caging an unsteady toddler in a play pen or a crib thus allowing them to learn independently but not necessarily hurting their head while doing so.

SafeheadBABY, a patented soft protective headgear is designed for infants and toddlers (7- 24m) learning to walk, to protect them from bumps, bruises and falls from their own height when they are unsteady on their feet.

characteristics of the ladybird were apt for SafeheadBABY in more ways than one.

Ladybirds have bright colored shells that protect their body and their very delicate wings. When they take to the air, their wings flutter at a rate of 85 beats per second. That’s pretty fast! They also have short legs and don’t seem to have a very good sense of direction when flying around which is why they are generally known to be clumsy. Sound familiar?

This well-planned design ensures increased ventilation keeping an infant’s head well protected yet cool and comfortable thereby reducing the chances of the baby wanting to remove it.


- Soft, flexible and ultra lightweight (less than 100g)

- Expandable and adjustable – to easily fit different head sizes.

- Tested and certified.

- Strategic padding placement – for maximum protection.

- Superior air flow and ventilation channels – retains limited body heat.

- Breathable cotton lining – for ultimate wearer comfort.

- Non–bulky design – ensures easy head movements.

- Secure soft band V chin strap – for snug fit.

Safety and Standards:

SafeheadBABY is tested and certified by SGS and is made from all carefully chosen and tested non-toxic materials and certified fabrics & complies in EU with:

- DTI PPE Category I (89/686/EEC).

- EN71-1/2/3 for child care articles.

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Available at Safetots Ltd. UK